Welcome to the Millersburg Glass Association, Inc.!

miller3My name is Bonny Huelga and I am proud to be the first secretary of this newly formed glass association.  Whether you are a current member or just visiting, I want to thank you and hope you enjoy the website.

I started collecting Millersburg Glass over 25 years ago when a coworker jokingly informed me that I could not work in the Holmes County Courthouse unless I owned a piece of Millersburg Glass.  Coincidentally, he had a piece of glass to sell.  That first little green Cosmos evolved into a modest group of 30 pieces, both carnival and crystal.  My collection was not based on value, perfection, or rarity.  I just liked the stuff.  Fifteen years later I married a man who developed a serious interest in the glass and the art of collecting it.  Our collection now has a room of its own.

If you are interested in this beautiful glass, by all means get an identification guide and look for it at estate auctions, flea markets, and yard sales.  It is great fun to uncover a “find” in an unexpected place.  You can buy from reputable dealers and other collectors as well.  Do not be deterred by the stories of the $80,000 Peoples’ Vase or the $15,500 Cleveland Memorial Ashtray.  Most Millersburg Glass is affordable for the new collector.  The field opens even more if you do not worry about a little damage.  A base chip or a crack might reduce the value of the piece, but it still looks wonderful on display.  Some carnival pieces have such fabulous radium shine and color that damage is easy to overlook.  You will have to decide if you are collecting for the value, or if you just like the stuff.

Thank You and Happy Collecting!

Bonny Huelga, Secretary
Millersburg Glass Association, Inc.